Santosh Biswas

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With the increase in number of hosts in the Internet, there is also a rise in the demand for IP address space. To cater to this issue, IP version 6 (IPv6) succeeded IPv4. Compared to 32 bit IP address space in IPv4, IP address in IPv6 is composed of 128 bits. In IPv4, when a host wants to communicate with another host in an LAN, it needs to know the MAC(More)
With the rapid advancements of deep submicron and nano technologies the dimension of a chip is ever shrinking. With continuous shrinking of chip dimensions, immense interconnects are associated on a die to satisfy high bandwidth requirements and make a network-on-chip (NoC) architecture prone to large number of interconnect faults. Therefore the reliability(More)
Wi-Fi networks are prone to a large number of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks due to vulnerabilities at the MAC layer of 802.11 protocol. In this paper we focus on the De-authentication DoS attack in Wi-Fi networks. The impact of de-authentication DoS attack is severe as the victim gets disconnected from the network. This attack can be launched easily using(More)
Average-link (AL) is a distance based hierarchical clustering method, which is not sensitive to the noisy patterns. However, like all hierarchical clustering methods AL also needs to scan the dataset many times. AL has time and space complexity of O(n), where n is the size of the dataset. These prohibit the use of AL for large datasets. In this paper, we(More)
Anomaly based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) identifies intrusion by training itself to recognize acceptable behavior of the network. It then raises an alarm whenever any anomalous network behaviors outside the boundaries of its training sets are observed. However, anomaly based IDS are usually prone to high false positive rate due to difficulties(More)
Failure diagnosability has been widely studied for discrete event system (DES) models because of modeling simplicity and computational efficiency due to abstraction. In the literature it is often held that for diagnosability, such models can be used not only for systems that fall naturally in the class of DES but also for the ones traditionally treated as(More)
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is adopted as the standard for symmetric key cryptosystem. Hash functions are used as building blocks in various cryptographic applications. Whirlpool is one of the best known hash function reported in the literature. Many hardware based implementations of AES and Whirlpool have been proposed on separate chips. This paper(More)
The network-on-chip has become an emerging research area in the fields of system on chips, embedded systems, integrated circuits design, etc. with the rapid advancement of technologies. The introduction of multi-core chips has in addition made researches in the area ever significant and is growing to facilitate high demand of bandwidth via core utilization(More)