Santosh B. Puri

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Oral cancer treatment involves the surgical removal of all or part of the maxilla, leaving the patient with a defect that compromises the integrity and function of the oral cavity. The postoperative restoration of esthetics, deglutition, and speech shortens recovery time in the hospital and expedites the patient's return to the community as a functioning(More)
Achieving ideal emergence profile and restoration contours for implant-supported prostheses in the anterior esthetic zone is a prime requisite. In this report, the patient presented with decreased restoration space and unfavorable tissue contours for an implant restoration. Correction of space deficiency and reshaping of excess bone height and soft tissue(More)
An orbital defect (congenital or acquired) causes severe facial asymmetry and disfigurement, which results in psychological and social disturbances to the patient. It becomes a challenging task for a maxillofacial prosthodontist to fabricate a prosthesis that replicates the healthy side of the face. Success of the prosthesis depends primarily on(More)
The plane of occlusion represents the average curvature of the occlusal surfaces of anterior and posterior teeth rather than a flat surface. An anteroposterior curve, the curve of Spee and the mediolateral curve, the curve of Wilson determine the position of posterior teeth. Management of patients with uneven occlusal plane is an essential step for the long(More)
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