Santos Merino Del Pozo

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Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) is a powerful data decom-position/recompostion technique that can be used to reduce the noise in time series. Compared to existing solutions aiming at similar purposes, such as frequency-based filtering, it benefits from easier-to-exploit intuitions , applicability in contexts where low sampling rates make standard frequency(More)
Recently, threshold implementations (TI) with d + 1 input shares have been proposed at Crypto 2015. This optimization aims for more lightweight TI designs while keeping the glitch-resistance of the original concept. In this note, we consider such an approach and provide preliminary simulation-based evidence, backed by empirical results, of the existence of(More)
—Static power consumption is an increasingly important concern when designing circuits in deep submicron technologies. Besides its impact for low-power implementations, recent research has investigated whether it could lead to exploitable side-channel leakages. Both simulated analyses and measurements from FPGA devices have confirmed that such a static(More)
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