Santos Merino Del Pozo

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This paper introduces a new key establishment scheme aiming at fully collusion-resistant identity-based symmetric-key agreement. In an identitybased pairwise key agreement scheme, a Trusted Third Party (TTP) manages the system and securely provides any node, e.g., Alice or Bob, with private keying materials. Alice can generate a pairwise key with Bob given(More)
Static power consumption is an increasingly important concern when designing circuits in deep submicron technologies. Besides its impact for low-power implementations, recent research has investigated whether it could lead to exploitable side-channel leakages. Both simulated analyses and measurements from FPGA devices have confirmed that such a static(More)
Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) is a powerful data decomposition/recompostion technique that can be used to reduce the noise in time series. Compared to existing solutions aiming at similar purposes, such as frequency-based filtering, it benefits from easier-to-exploit intuitions, applicability in contexts where low sampling rates make standard frequency(More)
Recently, threshold implementations (TI) with d+ 1 input shares have been proposed at Crypto 2015. This optimization aims for more lightweight TI designs while keeping the glitchresistance of the original concept. In this note, we consider such an approach and provide preliminary simulation-based evidence, backed by empirical results, of the existence of(More)
Side-channel attacks generally rely on the availability of good leakage models to extract sensitive information from cryptographic implementations. The recently introduced leakage certification tests aim to guarantee that this condition is fulfilled based on sound statistical arguments. They are important ingredients in the evaluation of leaking devices(More)
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