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Factors Affecting Individual Information Security Practices
Data and information within organizations have become important assets that can create a significant competitive advantage and therefore need to be given careful attention. Research from industry hasExpand
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Identifying Factors that Influence Corporate Information Security Behavior
In this paper, we present a social/behavioral meta-study of good corporate information security practices. The research model combines social cognitive theory and control theory in order to explainExpand
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Information Security Practices in Latin America: The case of Bolivia
REQUIRED) In this paper, we present a social/behavioral study of individual information security practices of internet users in Latin America, specifically presenting the case of Bolivia. TheExpand
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Functionalized aminocarboxylate moieties as linkers for coordination polymers: influence of the substituents in the dimensionality of the final structure
The evaluation of aminocarboxylic acid derivatives as linker precursors for amine or hydroxyl tagged extended structures is described. The effect of the presence of an additional functionality in theExpand
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Synthesis Procedure of Highly Densely Packed Carbon Nanotube Forests on TiN
The goal of this research was to obtain high-density single-walled carbon nanotube forests (SWNTs) on conductive substrates for different applications, including field emission. For this, dip-coatingExpand
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Government employees and their use of Digital Government
Information systems literature has been mostly silent on what truly contributes to the success of egovernment Web sites in the United States in general, and particularly in Central Virginia. ThisExpand
Social Cognitive Theory: Information Security Awareness and Practice
In this paper, the authors discuss employees’ beliefs about their abilities to competently use computer information security tools in the determination of effective information security practicesExpand