Santino J Capocci

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Testing for LTBI is recommended prior to anti-TNFα agents. This includes an assessment of TB risk factors, chest radiograph, and interferon-gamma release assay alone or with concurrent Tuberculin skin testing. Here we review our experience and cost-effectiveness of using T-SPOT.TB IGRA to detect mycobacterial infection in patients with(More)
Tuberculosis (TB) is a leading cause of global morbidity, yet there is limited information regarding its impact on quality of life and health status. This is surprising given the implications for patient care, the evaluation of novel treatments or preventative strategies, and also health policy. Furthermore, there is no validated TB-specific instrument that(More)
Aminoglycoside-associated progressive hearing loss, from high to low conversational frequency sounds (0.5–2 KHz), affects at least 19% of MDR-TB patients [3, 4]. Most assessments are based on self-reported hearing loss, which is likely to significantly under-estimate the true proportion affected. Although both cochlear and vestibular functions can be(More)
The widespread use of antiretroviral therapy (ART) and Pneumocystis pneumonia prophylaxis has led to significant declines in opportunistic infection rates in people with chronic HIV infection. Despite this, pulmonary disease is more common in these patients than HIV-negative individuals [1]. Observational studies suggest that while bacterial pneumonia is(More)
Testing for latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) in HIV-infected persons in low tuberculosis (TB) incidence areas is often recommended. Using contemporary, clinical data, we report the yield and cost-effectiveness of testing all HIV attendees, two current UK strategies and no LTBI testing. Economic modelling was performed utilising 10-year follow up data(More)
OBJECTIVES Testing for HIV is a standard of care for people with active tuberculosis (TB). People investigated for TB in the UK often originate from areas with a high prevalence of HIV and other blood borne viruses (BBV). However, assessment for these infections is patchy. We determined the yield and costs of different testing strategies for BBV in a UK TB(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Using the evidence published over the last 2 years, this review discusses the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of HIV-related pulmonary infections other than mycobacterial disease. RECENT FINDINGS Longstanding, vertically acquired and apparently stable HIV infection is associated with significant and symptomatic small(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to evaluate whether people living with HIV (PLWH) using effective antiretroviral therapy (ART) have worse respiratory health status than similar HIV-negative individuals. METHODS We recruited 197 HIV-positive and 93 HIV-negative adults from HIV and sexual health clinics. They completed a questionnaire regarding risk factors for(More)