Santina Battaglia

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Despite clear patient experience advantages, low specificity rates have thus far prevented swallowable capsule endoscopes from replacing traditional endoscopy for diagnosis of colon disease. One explanation for this is that capsule endoscopes lack the ability to provide insufflation, which traditional endoscopes use to distend the intestine for a clear view(More)
would alter the angle of the pulled papilla. With minor adjustments, cannulation can be achieved. In conclusion, when a hooded major papilla is encountered at ERCP, traction of the papilla by the use of forceps may be useful. Application of clips during ERCP: a new anchoring method for redundant Kerckring's fold covering the duodenal papilla. Capsule(More)
In its normal lifespan, a knee prosthesis must bear highly demanding loading conditions, going beyond the sole activity of level walking required by ISO standard 14243. We have developed a protocol for in vitro wear simulation of stair climbing on a displacement controlled knee simulator. The flexion/extension angle, intra/extra rotation angle, and(More)
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