Santina Battaglia

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Despite clear patient experience advantages, low specificity rates have thus far prevented swallowable capsule endoscopes from replacing traditional endoscopy for diagnosis of colon disease. One explanation for this is that capsule endoscopes lack the ability to provide insufflation, which traditional endoscopes use to distend the intestine for a clear view(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Little is known about the metabolic properties of brain edema associated with tumors. This work was conducted on the basis of the assumption that, in the presence of intra-axial and extra-axial brain tumors, the white matter involved by the edema is a site of metabolic change that involves the structure of the myelin sheath. (More)
SUMMARY This retrospective study aimed to assess the percentage of complications in the daily practice of cerebral and spinal cord diagnostic angiography at our institution and to compare this with literature reports published in the last twenty years and guidelines for angiography. From 1(st) December 1998 to 1(st) December 2003 2154 patients underwent(More)
would alter the angle of the pulled papilla. With minor adjustments, cannulation can be achieved. In conclusion, when a hooded major papilla is encountered at ERCP, traction of the papilla by the use of forceps may be useful. Application of clips during ERCP: a new anchoring method for redundant Kerckring's fold covering the duodenal papilla. Capsule(More)
Deployment of stents across the neck of intracranial aneurysms to isolate the lesion from the circulation is a recently introduced endovascular treatment. These devices are known as flow-diverting stents because the stent mesh design drastically slows the blood flow within the aneurysm sac, thereby stimulating thrombus formation. Treated aneurysms require(More)
In its normal lifespan, a knee prosthesis must bear highly demanding loading conditions, going beyond the sole activity of level walking required by ISO standard 14243. We have developed a protocol for in vitro wear simulation of stair climbing on a displacement controlled knee simulator. The flexion/extension angle, intra/extra rotation angle, and(More)
BACKGROUND Cigarette smoke may accelerate cellular senescence by increasing oxidative stress. Altered proliferation and altered expression of anti-aging factors, including SIRT1 and FoxO3, characterise cellular senescence. The effects of carbocysteine on the SIRT1/FoxO3 axis and on downstream molecular mechanisms in human bronchial epithelial cells exposed(More)
Primary spinal cord tumors in children are uncommon and account for approximately 5% of all pediatric central nervous system tumors. Intracranial metastases from primary spinal cord tumors have rarely been reported. Spinal cord glioblastoma in children mainly involves the thoracic region, whereas involvement of the medullaris conus with intracranial(More)
Medulloblastoma belongs to the group of highly malignant neuroepithelial tumours and is the commonest tumour in childhood (12-25 %) (1), but is rare in adults (0.4-1%) of all primary brain tumours) (1,2). Medulloblastomas usually arise in the posterior fossa and spread readily throughout the CSF, although 10-30% of patients develop extracentral nervous(More)