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Space vector modulation is perhaps the common technique mostly applied to drive three-phase voltage-source inverters. During every switching period it calculates three duty cycles in order to generate a suitable pulse sequence. This paper presents a new, faster and, most important, simpler method to compute these time values without using either(More)
A graphical method, easy to understand and easy to implement, has been developed for two-level and multi-level Space Vector Modulation. Switching sequences can be computed with no need of solving neither multi-variable inverse problems nor expensive trigonometric functions. Proposed method has been validated through simulations and physical implementations.
This paper reports the latest advances achieved in ASM++ methodology since its presentation in <i>FPGAworld Conference 2007</i> and <i>2008</i>. A fully new ASM++ compiler has been built, with an improved graphical interface, but also implementing a fully hierarchical compilation. It allows an easy behavioral description of very low level digital designs at(More)
It is presented a novel emulator for fixed pitch wind turbines, allowing the laboratory testing of the generator control systems associated with the turbines. The emulator consists of the coupling in series of the following elements: a source of DC voltage, a power resistance and a DC motor. The modification of the input DC voltage has the same effect as(More)
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