Santiago Rigamonti

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Linearized augmented planewave methods are known as the most precise numerical schemes for solving the Kohn-Sham equations of density-functional theory (DFT). In this review, we describe how this method is realized in the all-electron full-potential computer package, exciting. We emphasize the variety of different related basis sets, subsumed as(More)
The discontinuous character of the exact-exchange-correlation (xc) energy functional of density functional theory is shown to arise naturally in the subband spectra of semiconductor quantum wells. Using an ab initio xc functional, including exchange exactly and correlation in an exact partial way, a discontinuity appears in the xc potential, each time a(More)
A recently developed quasi two-dimensional exact-exchange formalism within the framework of Density Functional Theory has been applied to a strongly inhomogeneous interacting electron gas, and the results were compared with state-of-the-art Variational Quantum Monte Carlo (VMC) numerical simulations for a three-dimensional electron gas under a strong(More)
A major obstacle for computing optical spectra of solids is the lack of reliable approximations for capturing excitonic effects within time-dependent density functional theory. We show that the accurate prediction of strongly bound electron-hole pairs within this framework using simple approximations is still a challenge and that available promising results(More)
The behavior of the surface barrier that forms at the metal-vacuum interface is important for several fields of surface science. Within the density functional theory framework, this surface barrier has two nontrivial components: exchange and correlation. Exact results are provided for the exchange component, for a jellium metal-vacuum interface, in a slab(More)
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