Santiago Pagani

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In many core systems, run-time scheduling decisions, such as task migration, core activations/deactivations, voltage/frequency scaling, etc., are typically used to optimize the resource usages. Such run-time decisions change the power consumption, which can in turn result in transient temperatures much higher than any steady-state scenarios. Therefore, to(More)
Chip manufacturers provide the Thermal Design Power (TDP) for a specific chip. The cooling solution is designed to dissipate this power level. But because TDP is not necessarily the maximum power that can be applied, chips are operated with Dynamic Thermal Management (DTM) techniques. To avoid excessive triggers of DTM, usually, system designers also use(More)
In dark silicon chips, a significant amount of on-chip resources cannot be simultaneously powered on and need to stay dark, i.e., power gated, in order to avoid thermal emergencies. This paper presents a resource management technique, called <i>DsRem</i>, that selects the number of active cores jointly with their voltage/frequency (v/f) levels, considering(More)
Energy-efficient designs are important issues in computing systems. This article studies the energy efficiency of a simple and linear-time strategy, called the Single Frequency Approximation (SFA) scheme, for periodic real-time tasks on multicore systems with a shared supply voltage in a voltage island. The strategy executes all the cores at a single(More)
The in vivo cell mediated immune response using a multiple intradermal antigen dispenser (Multitest) was evaluated in 99 diabetic patients (24 Type I and 75 Type II) and in 50 age matched normal subjects. Seven different antigens (tetanus, diphteria, streptococcus, tubercoline, candida, trichophyton, proteus and a glycerine control) were applied in the(More)
This study evaluated whether a correlation exists between carriage of corynebacteria and the lack of immunity to diphtheria toxoid. Samples of both nasal and pharyngeal secretions were taken from 500 apparently healthy subjects of both sexes and of all ages and inoculated onto Tinsdale's medium. A serum sample was also taken for ELISA test to determine the(More)
This paper presents new trends in dark silicon reflecting, among others, the deployment of FinFETs in recent technology nodes and the impact of voltage/frquency scaling, which lead to <i>new less-conservative predictions.</i> The focus is on dark silicon from a thermal perspective: we show that it is not simply the chip's total power budget, e.g., the(More)
To better characterize the role of skeletal muscle in chronic heart failure we studied energetic charge, metabolites and enzyme activity in the energy production pathway. We selected 15 males with severe chronic heart failure (NYHA class III, stable clinical conditions and in normal nutritional status) and seven controls. Controls and patients were(More)