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  • Alejandro Artopoulos, Daniel Friel, Juan Hallak, Carlos, Juan Carlos Hallak, Facundo Albornoz +16 others
  • 2010
This paper builds a conceptual framework to explain the obstacles that prevent Argentine producers of differentiated products from establishing a consistent presence in the developed world. We build our framework based on four case studies of sectoral export emergence in Argentina. We find that exporting consistently to developed countries requires drastic(More)
In the last years, QoS (Quality of Service) parameter estimation has become a main research area in networking due to a continuous growth of the Internet. End-to-end active measurement is one of the topics that focuses on this research area. However, these measurement methodologies have focused on end-to-end measurements over the wired Internet. The(More)
The pipeline embolization device (PED) has become a routine firstline option for the treatment of an increasing population of intracranial aneurysms at many neurovascular centers. Intraprocedural complications during PED deployment, or complications associated with migration of the device, are rarely reported problems. Significant mismatch in luminal(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the natural tendencies of hits and calculate the cutoff for a test group of central auditory processes (CAP): binaural fusion, filtered words, dichotic digits, frequency patterns and duration patterns and ambient sounds in normal 5-, 7-, 9- and 11-year-old children. MATERIAL AND METHODS We studied 369 children (738 ears) who attend(More)
Cox's proportional hazard model or logistic regression model has been the classical mathematical approach to predict transplant results, but artificial neural networks may offer better results. In order to compare both methods, a logistic regression and a neural network model were generated to predict early transplant failure assessed at 90 days. Methods:(More)
Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) are increasingly popular in AI to solve complex problems; they are conceived to be flexible and to be able to adapt to different situations. However, this feature is often compromised because of the need to reach internal coordination. This paper suggests that this issue requires an architectural solution, distilled as a new(More)
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