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Business processes, regarded as heavy-weighted flows of control consisting of activities and transitions, play an increasingly important role in Web applications. In order to address these business processes, Web methodologies are evolving to support its definition and integration with the Web specific aspects of content, navigation and presentation. This(More)
Traditionally, Web applications have had great limitations in the usability and interactivity of their user interfaces. To overcome these limitations, a new type of Web applications called rich Internet applications (RIAs) has recently appeared providing richer and more efficient graphical components similar to desktop applications. However, RIAs are rather(More)
Current model-driven Web Engineering approaches (such as OO-H, UWE or WebML) provide a set of methods and supporting tools for a systematic design and development of Web applications. Each method addresses different concerns using separate models (content, navigation, presentation, business logic, etc.), and provide model compilers that produce most of the(More)
Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) have recently appeared in the Internet market offering a rich and efficient User Interface similar to desktop applications. However, these applications are rather complex and their development requires design and implementation tasks that are time-consuming and error-prone. In this paper, we present a tool called OIDE(More)
Nowadays, the maturity reached by the Web engineering research community can be assessed by the myriad of web design methods that have proven successful for the specification of the functional and navigational requirements posed by Web information systems. However, these proposals often fail to address architectural features, which results in Web(More)
A Model for the Specification of Abstract User Interfaces based on Conceptual Patterns is proposed to enhance the semantic captured by an object-oriented analysis method. The model gathers both Presentation an Navigation issues. A graphical notation is also provided to make easier the specification tasks. This simple graphical notation allows that a non(More)
Promptness, efficiency and stickiness are among the advantages exhibited by the new crop of rich Internet applications (RIAs). These advantages came at the cost of increasing the complexity of development. Additionally, the plethora of RIA frameworks can lock this code into a specific platform. This scenario advises for using model-driven development (MDD).(More)