Santiago Iglesías-Pradas

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In the past decades, online learning has transformed the educational landscape with the emergence of new ways to learn. This fact, together with recent changes in educational policy in Europe aiming to facilitate the incorporation of graduate students to the labor market, has provoked a shift on the delivery of instruction and on the role played by teachers(More)
The gap between technology and learning methods has two important implications: on the one hand, we should not expect the integration of technological advances into teaching to be an easy task; and there is a danger that mature educational technologies and methods might not give an adequate answer to the demands and needs of society, underusing their(More)
Acceptance of online shopping adoption by individuals has been a concerning issue for researchers in the past decade. However, most research has focused in evaluating the attitudes and intention to use electronic commerce from the shoppers’ perspective, neglecting to analyze the behavior and attitudes of those who have not adopted e-commerce yet: the(More)
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I Learning Analytics is a process to analyze the learners which improves the educational performance. Learning Analytics also helps the higher educational institutions to improve the educational practices and techniques. This paper provides a detailed survey of the current research activities conducted in the education system. The review of Learning(More)