Santiago González-Fuente

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Previous research has proposed that languages diverge with respect to how their speakers confirm and contradict negative questions. Taking into account the classification between truth-based and polarity-based languages, this paper is mainly concerned with the expression of REJECT (a semantic operation that signals a contradiction move with respect to the(More)
APPENDIX The three discourse contexts 图书馆 Library context 每天晚上,你的同学、班长和你都会去图书馆学习,你们总是一起坐在靠窗的 那张桌子。 Every night, your classmate, your class monitor and you go to the library to study. You always sit down together at the table in front of the window. 1. 当你到图书馆时班长已经到了。 十分钟后, 当班长去借书时, 你的同学来了。 当她看见你时,跟你打招呼并说: " 我猜班长已经到了。 " 你对班长到了的事实予以肯定,你会说什么? When you arrive at(More)
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