Santiago Felici

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Reliable monitoring of a large area with a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) typically requires a very large number of stationary nodes, implying a prohibitive cost and excessive (radio) interference. Our objective is to develop an efficient system that will employ a smaller number of stationary nodes that will collaborate with a small set of mobile nodes in(More)
  • F Pardo, J A Boluda, J J P Erez, S Felici, B Dierickx, D Scheeer +1 other
  • 1996
A new foveated CMOS image sensor has been designed and fabricated. The photocell elements transform the light into current, and then, in a continuous way, into voltage without charge integration. This kind of sensing cell has been already employed in image sensors for normal cameras, but never in foveated sensors. The presented sensor tries to emulate the(More)
Extramedullary localisation is an uncommon manifestation in multiple myeloma (MM). Ocular involvement is rare. Here, we describe a relapse of MM with bilateral retro-orbital localisation without any bone involvement with good and rapid response to therapy with lenalidomide, dexamethasone, and cyclophosphamide.
Currently, freight transport carried through a country or through different countries undergoes many delays due to merchandise controls. Merchandise control is only carried out at some border posts or when the authorities demand it. Such control can be an important problem since there are different laws for the same merchandise, according to the legislation(More)
  • S Felici, A Lopez-Penaranda, J Martinez, J Perez
  • 2000
Multicast techniques are the only way t o p r o vide simultaneously ows of information from one source to several destinations. The intention of this paper is to study and to evaluate diierent m ulticast techniques using for this, a video coder based on an adaptive video compression algorithm with subband coding, over a best eeort network service like A TM(More)
1 Abstract This paper describes a control system for industrial applications with a custom protocol and communication system. The project has been partially supported by the Spanish initiative for the microelectronics promotion (GAME initiative) and also by a private company. Two ASICs have been developed using synthesis, high-level design and macrocell(More)
In this paper is shown a communication system, specifically designed for integrated power transmission, what means the integration in the same power line, both the power supply and the data. This communication media is characterized by its unpredicted behavior, a drawback. The different elements of this system and the modulation used are defined and(More)
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