Santiago De Pablo

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This article presents the application of a graphical methodology used to develop a Digital Signal Processor designed for FPGA. The instruction set and main features of this processor are introduced. Then, a modified Algorithmic State Machine methodology, named ASM++, is applied to fully describe the processor implementation. This processor has been(More)
This article presents a methodology to describe digital circuits from register transfer level to system level. When designing systems it encapsulates the functionality of several modules and also encapsulates the connections between those modules. To achieve these results, the possibilities of Algorithmic State Machines (ASM charts) have been extended to(More)
– Algorithmic State Machines are a 40-year old tool for the design of digital circuits. They are a good alternative to Finite State Machines, where only states can be properly described, but actions must be annotated as lateral comments. However, current notation for these diagrams has several limitations for medium-large designs, and often lateral(More)
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