Santiago Bermúdez

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In this article we present a novel technique for automated parallel bug-finding based on the sequential analysis tool TACO. TACO is a tool based on SAT-solving for efficient bug-finding in Java code with rich class invariants. It prunes the SAT-solver's search space by introducing precise symmetry-breaking predicates and bounding the relational(More)
OBJECTIVE This study sought to correlate the anthropometric and functional variables, and exercise habits in a group of elderly adults who regularly attend exercise programs. METHOD Participation of 217 subjects between 60 and 85 years of age, from 13 regions of Colombia. Anthropometric and functional assessment was conducted as a questionnaire on(More)
Resumen con el objetivo de evaluar la ansiedad-estado en re-lación con variables sociodemográficas en el periodo competitivo, fueron evaluados los jugadores partici-pantes en la fase semifinal del Campeonato Nacional Juvenil de Fútbol (n=93) realizado en Manizales en agosto de 2009. Fue utilizado el test idare (stai) de Spielberger et ál. (1970). La edad(More)
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