Santi Puch

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Laminins are a family of disulfide-linked heterotrimeric proteins consisting of 3 different subunits termed alpha, beta, and gamma chains. Combinations of 11 characterized laminin subunits (alpha 1-alpha 5, beta 1-beta 3, and gamma 1-gamma 3) generate at least 12 laminin isoforms, which can serve different functions. Although expression of laminin in the(More)
The cadherins, an important family of cell adhesion molecules, are known to play major roles during embryonic development and in the maintenance of solid tissue architecture. In the hematopoietic system, however, little is known of the role of this cell adhesion family. By RT-PCR, western blot analysis and immunofluorescence staining we show that(More)
This paper describes a new neuroimaging analysis toolbox that allows for the modeling of nonlinear effects at the voxel level, overcoming limitations of methods based on linear models like the GLM. We illustrate its features using a relevant example in which distinct nonlinear trajectories of Alzheimer's disease related brain atrophy patterns were found(More)
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