Santhosh Verma

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Fifty persons who had all been heavy cannabis users for a long time were given psychological tests measuring psychomotor, perceptual and other variables. Half of these persons were "Charas" smokers, half "Bhang" drinkers. The duration of cannabis use was 4--10 years, with an average daily dose of 150 mg tetrahydrocannabinol. A matched control group of(More)
A set of hybrid and adaptive prefetching schemes are considered in this paper. The prefetchers are hybrid in that they use combinations of Stride, Sequential and C/DC prefetching mechanisms. The schemes are adaptive in that their aggressiveness is adjusted based on feedback metrics collected dynamically during program execution. Metrics such as prefetching(More)
Development and standardization of an instrument Childhood Psychopathology Measurement Schedule (CPMS) to assess psychopathology in children is reported. CPMS is standardized on Indian population and is applicable to children of both sexes in the age range of 4-14 years. It measures overall psychopathology in the form of a total scores and also the type of(More)
In all clinical and research work, it is important not only to have uniform diagnostic criteria but also some means of objectively quantifying the presence and severity of the illness being studied. For this purpose, a number of rating scales have been devised for depressive disorders, probably the single most commonly used one being the Hamilton Rating(More)
This study sought to compare the extent and pattern of burden experienced by relatives of two different patient groups, one with affective disorders and the other with schizophrenia. Cross-sectional assessment of family burden using the Pai and Kapur's Interview Schedule was done in 78 patients with either bipolar disorder or recurrent major depression and(More)
A major performance limiter in modern processors is the long latencies caused by data cache misses. Both compiler and hardware based prefetching schemes help hide these la-tencies and so improve performance. Compiler techniques infer memory access patterns through code analysis, and insert appropriate prefetch instructions. Hardware prefetch-ing techniques(More)
In an effort to achieve the high prediction accuracy needed to attain high instruction throughputs, branch predictors proposed in the literature and used in real systems have become increasingly more complex and larger over time. This is not consistent with the anticipated trend of simpler and more numerous cores in future multi-core processors. We(More)
Learned Helplessness Scale - Hindi version (Dhar, Kohli & Dhar, 1987) was administered to 50 graduates. Scoring was done using the original method as given in the manual and by two of its variations. Correlations among the three forms of scoring were found to be very high (.85 and above). In another excercise, 30 of the subjects were administered P.G.I.(More)
Education, a long neglected variable affecting psychological test score, is in search of reemphasis. Some evidence for this has accumulated on the psychological tests constructed and standardized here at the department of Psychiatry, P.G.I., Chandigarh. Tentative norms prepared education wise on WAIS-Verbal section, PGI-Memory Scale, Proverb and Similarity(More)
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