Santhanagopalan Purushothaman

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In the title compound, C27H30N2O4, the pyrrolidine ring adopts a twisted conformation. The indoline ring system is almost perpendicular to the mean plane of the pyrrolidine ring, making a dihedral(More)
In the title compound, C29H28N2O4, the indoline ring system is essentially planar, with a maximum deviation of 0.027 (2) Å; the carbonyl O atom lies 0.102 (1) Å out of the least-squares plane of the(More)
In the title compound, C24H23N5O3, the oxindole ring system is nearly planar, with a dihedral angle between the two fused rings of 3.3 (1)°. In the fused pyrrolo-oxazole ring system, the oxazole and(More)
In the title compound, C21H23NO3S, both the thia-zole and oxazolidine rings adopt twist conformations. The mean plane of the thia-zole ring makes a dihedral angle of 61.02 (7)° with the oxazolidine(More)
In the title compound, C26H31NO4, the five-membered rings of the central pyrrolizine system adopt N-envelope conformations. The ethyl acetate group adopts an extended conformation. The dihedral angle(More)
In the title compound, C19H19NO3S, the thia-zole and oxazolidine rings each adopt an envelope conformation, with the S and O atoms as the respective flap atoms. The thia-zole and oxazolidine rings(More)
In the title compound, C33H29NO4, the acenaphthyl-ene ring system is essentially planar (r.m.s. deviation = 0.0290 Å). The pyrrolidine ring adopts a C-envelope conformation with a C atom displaced by(More)
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