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The effects of some exogenous peripheral hormones (thyroxine, corticosterone, epinephrine, norepinephrine and insulin) on thyroid activity were investigated in juvenile female soft-shelled turtles, Lissemys punctata punctata. Each hormone was injected in three different doses (25 microg, 50 microg or 100 microg each per 100 g body weight, once daily at 9(More)
Arecoline is an alkaloid of betel nut of Areca catechu. Betel nut is chewed by millions of people in the world and it causes oral and hepatic cancers in human. It has therapeutic value for the treatment of Alzheimer and schizophrenia. Arecoline has immunosuppressive, mutagenic and genotoxic effects in laboratory animals. It also affects endocrine functions.(More)
The aim of the current study was to investigate lithium action on adrenomedullary and adrenocortical functions and on serum ionic balance in rats. Three age-groups of male rats (juvenile: 30 days, adult: 100 days and aged: 3 years) were used. Each age-group of animal was exposed to short- (10 days) and long-term (25 days) treatments with lithium. Each(More)
The current study was undertaken to ascertain the effects of diverse stress on thyroid activity in soft-shelled turtles, Lissemys punctata punctata. The findings revealed that starvation (10 days), dehydration (10 days) or exposure to electric shock (12 volts for 15 seconds at an interval of 30 min for 3 h) caused significant decrease in the body weight(More)
The aim of the current study was to investigate the effects of ambient temperature on thyroid activity of the soft-shelled turtle (Lissemys punctata pucntata). Turtles exposed to low ambient temperature (10 degrees C for 15 days) showed a significant decrease in relative thyroid weight, follicular cell size (cell became squamous from cuboidal type) and(More)
Adrenocortical responses to diverse stressful situations (dehydration, formaldehyde treatment and salt loading) were studied in the adult female soft-shelled turtle, Lissenmys p. punctata. Dehydration, formaldehyde treatment (formalin, 1%: 0.1 ml/100 g body weight daily) or salt loading (NaCl, 1%: 0.1 ml/100 g body weight daily) treatments consecutively for(More)
The aim of the current investigation was to investigate the effect of photoperiod on thyroid activity in soft-shelled turtles (Lissemys punctata punctata). Thirty days exposure of short photoperiod with 2L:22D increased relative weight, follicular epithelial height and peroxidase activity of the thyroid gland; whereas exposure of long photoperiod with(More)
Arecoline is a plant alkaloid of betel nut Areca catechu. Arecoline has immunosuppressive, hepatotoxic, mutagenic and teratogenic effects, and disturbs some endocrine organs in rats. The objective is to investigate the untoward effects of arecoline on the thyroid gland in mice. Intraperitoneal injection of arecoline (10 mg/kg body weight only once)(More)
Prajna P. Ray, Santasri Chaudhuri-Sengupta and Biswa R. Maiti (2003) Adrenocortical modulation following ACTH, corticoid, and medullary hormone administration in the soft-shelled turtle Lissemys punctata punctata (Bonnoterre)(Family:Trionychidae). Zoological Studies 42 (1): 165-172. Our aim was to study the role of ACTH and adrenal hormones in(More)
The objective of the current investigation was to study adrenomedullary and glycemic responses to stress in soft-shelled turtles, Lissemys p. punctata. Dehydration (7 days) and formalin (formaldehyde 1%, 0.1 mL/100 g body wt. daily for 7 days) stress-stimulated adrenomedullary activity at histological (by increasing the nuclear diameter and degranulation of(More)