Santanu Phadikar

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The techniques of machine vision are extensively applied to agricultural science, and it has great perspective especially in the plant protection field, which ultimately leads to crops management. The paper describes a software prototype system for rice disease detection based on the infected images of various rice plants. Images of the infected rice plants(More)
In agricultural field, paddy cultivation plays a vital role. But their growths are affected by various diseases. There will be decrease in the production, if the diseases are not identified at an early stage. The main goal of this work is to develop an image processing system that can identify and classify the various paddy plant diseases affecting the(More)
Eliminating Shadows from the acquired images is an important preprocessing task for image analysis. In the work a novel shadow removal technique has been developed to eliminate shadows from the images acquired from the rice fields. Since the images are from the agricultural field, to remove shadow, vegetative indices, Normalized Difference Greenness Index(More)
Accurately identifying the word endpoints is an important step of speech recognition process. This paper proposes a robust word endpoints detection algorithm of continuous speech signal collected from real world environment. In this process energy feature is used along with zero crossing rate feature to locate the endpoints of word in speech signal. A set(More)
Converting the voice signals (uttered in Maithili language) to text has lots of applications including speaker identification, voice mode interaction, bio-metric identification etc. Most of the research papers reported in literature, till date, concentrated mainly in English. Some works are also available for the languages Hindi, Bengali and Tamil. But(More)