Santanu Manna

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In this study we report the enhancement of UV photodetection and wavelength tunable light induced NO gas sensing at room temperature using Au-ZnO nanocomposites synthesized by a simple photochemical process. Plasmonic Au-ZnO nanostructures with a size less than the incident wavelength have been found to exhibit a localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR)(More)
Size-dependent photoluminescence characteristics from Ge nanocrystals embedded in different oxide matrices have been studied to demonstrate the light emission in the visible wavelength from quantum-confined charge carriers. On the other hand, the energy transfer mechanism between Er ions and Ge nanocrystals has been exploited to exhibit the emission in the(More)
The structural and optical properties of Ge quantum dots (QDs) grown on Si(001) for mid-infrared photodetector and Ge nanocrystals embedded in oxide matrices for floating gate memory devices are presented. The infrared photoluminescence (PL) signal from Ge islands has been studied at a low temperature. The temperature- and bias-dependent photocurrent(More)
Well-separated Si/ZnS radial nanowire heterojunction-based light-emitting devices have been fabricated on large-area substrates by depositing n-ZnS film on p-type nanoporous Si nanowire templates. Vertically oriented porous Si nanowires on p-Si substrates have been grown by metal-assisted chemical etching catalyzed using Au nanoparticles. Isolated Si(More)
The paper deals with the fabrication of a p-CuS-n-Si nanocone heterojunction based highly sensitive broad band photodetector. Cone-like one dimensional Si nanostructures formed by metal assisted chemical etching, with superior antireflection characteristics have been used as templates for fabrication of the heterojunction. Covellite CuS material was(More)
We report a novel graphene oxide (GO) based p-n heterojunction on n-Si. The fabricated vertical GO/n-Si heterojunction diode shows a very low leakage current density of 0.25 µA/cm(2) and excellent rectification characteristics upto 1 MHz. The device on illumination shows a broadband (300-1100 nm) spectral response with a characteristic peak at ~700 nm, in(More)
Direct band gap optical transition in compressively strained Ge film is demonstrated for the first time under current injection through a metal-insulator-semiconductor diode structure. The compressively strained Ge layer is grown on the relaxed Si0.5Ge0.5 substrate by solid source molecular beam epitaxy. The electroluminescence of direct band gap emission(More)
The resistive switching memory of Ge nanowires (NWs) in an IrOx/Al2O3/Ge NWs/SiO2/p-Si structure is investigated. Ge NWs with an average diameter of approximately 100 nm are grown by the vapor-liquid-solid technique. The core-shell structure of the Ge/GeOx NWs is confirmed by both scanning electron microscopy and high-resolution transmission electron(More)
The formation of circularly ordered Ge-islands on Si(001) has been achieved because of nonuniform strain field around the periphery of the holes patterned by focused ion beam in combination with a self-assembled growth using molecular beam epitaxy. The photoluminescence (PL) spectra obtained from patterned areas (i.e., ordered islands) show a significant(More)
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