Santanu Kumar Nayak

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This paper presents the application of bio-inspired Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) optimization to constrained economic load dispatch problem. Independent simulations were performed over various systems with different number of generating units having constraints like prohibited operating zones and ramp rate limits. The performance is also compared with other(More)
Bio-inspired evolutionary algorithms are probabilistic search methods that simulate the natural biological evolution or the behaviour of biological entities. Such algorithms can be used to obtain near optimal solutions in optimization problems, for which traditional mathematical techniques may fail. This paper does a comparative study of results of five(More)
This paper presents a method for estimation of nonlinear communication channels using Gaussian wavelet estimator (GWE). Results obtained using this approach is compared with image enhanced interacting multiple model (IMM-IE) extracted from the literature. Comparison reveals that the IMM-IE and the GWE require the same number of Kalman filters, but the GWE(More)
There is a critical linkage of the error detection and classification of various biomedical signals with the diagnosis of different abnormalities. In this paper, basing on the characteristic features of wavelet sub-band energy coefficient, an ideal approach has been implemented for ECG and EEG classification. The ECG and EEG signals are pre-processed using(More)
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