Santaman Rai

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[1] Two end‐member kinematic models of crustal shortening across the Himalaya are currently debated: one assumes localized thrusting along a single major thrust fault, the Main Himalayan Thrust (MHT) with nonuniform underplating due to duplexing, and the other advocates for out‐of‐sequence (OOS) thrusting in addition to thrusting along the MHT and(More)
The Er3+ codoped with CdS nanoparticles in sol-gel glass with an average particle size of about 10 nm have been synthesized by sol-gel method. The green and red up-conversion emissions centered at about 534, 560 and 680 nm, corresponding to the 2H11/2→4I15/2, 4S3/2→4I15/2 and 4F9/2→4I15/2 transitions of Er3+, respectively; were detected by a 800 nm(More)
The CdS nanoparticles along with Eu3+ ions were embedded in silica xerogel by sol gel technique. The samples were studied by TGA, DTA and fluorescence techniques. The result suggested that doping of CdS nanoparticles enhanced the luminescence properties of Eu3+ even in the gel stage itself and this avoids the need of heating gel at higher temperature. The(More)
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