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The present investigation deals with the disease in the prey population having significant role in curbing the dynamical behaviour of the system of prey-predator interactions from both ecological and mathematical point of view. The predator-prey model introduced by Cosner et al. [1] has been wisely modified in the present work based on the biological point(More)
An updated numerical simulation of unsteady generalized Newtonian blood flow through differently shaped distensible arterial stenoses is developed. A shear-thinning fluid modelling the deformation dependent viscosity of blood is considered for the characterization of generalized Newtonian behaviour of blood. The arterial model is treated as two-dimensional(More)
Of concern in the paper is an investigation on brain injuries which may occur owing to an input angular acceleration of the head. The study is based on the use of an improved mathematical model for the cranium. The eccentricity of the braincase is incorporated through the consideration of a prolate spheroidal shell as the representative of the skull. Also(More)
Of concern in the paper is a study of blood flow in an arterial segment having a stenosis. The artery is modelled as an initially stressed orthotropic elastic tube filled with a viscous incompressible fluid. The analysis is based on the assumption of the presence of a mild stenosis in the artery. Blood is treated as a Newtonian fluid. The effect of the(More)
This theoretical investigation deals with an analysis of pulsatile blood flow in a model bifurcated artery having a stenosis in the parent arterial lumen. The geometry of the bifurcated arterial segment with an implanted stenosis in the parent duct is given an appropriate mathematical shape with the introduction of suitable curvature at the lateral junction(More)
Flow of an electrically conducting fluid characterizing blood through the arteries having irregular shaped multi-stenoses in the environment of a uniform transverse magnetic-field is analysed. The flow is considered to be axisymmetric with an outline of the irregular stenoses obtained from a three-dimensional casting of a mild stenosed artery, so that the(More)
By the use of non-linear constitutive equations suitable for the characterization of anisotropic viscoelastic incompressible materials under finite deformations, the paper is devoted to analytical study on the dynamic stress field in arterial walls under the combined action of the pressure of blood on the inner surface and the pressure from the neighbouring(More)