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We examine trends in self-employment among white and black men from 1910 to 1990 using Census and CPS microdata. Self-employment rates fell over most of the century and then started to rise after 1970. For white men, we find that the decline was due to declining rates within industries, but was counterbalanced somewhat by a shift in employment towards high(More)
We would like to thank an anonymous referee and the editor for very useful suggestions. An earlier version of the paper was presented at the Claremont Conference on Asian Regional Integration, February 2005. We received very constructive comments from Ken Reinart, Barry Eichengreen, Joshua Aizenman and other workshop participants. All errors are ours.(More)
Detailed administrative data from a large and diverse community college are used to examine whether academic performance depends on whether students are the same race or ethnicity as their instructors. To identify racial interactions and address many threats to internal validity we estimate models that include both student and classroom fixed effects. Given(More)
Cruz invites applications for a full-time, tenure-track Assistant Professor whose professional and research expertise lies in the area of mathematics education. Qualifications include an earned doctorate in mathematics education (or a closely related field such as educational psychology, developmental psychology and/or learning sciences with coursework and(More)
The PODS symposium series, held in conjunction with the SIGMOD conference series, provides a premier annual forum for the communication of new advances in the theoretical foundations of data management, traditional or non-traditional (see Topics that fit the interests of the symposium include the following: design, semantics, and optimization of query and(More)
  • M D B G Chelton, M H Schlax, R F Freilich, Milliff, K A Kelly, S Dickinson +17 others
  • 2004
upwelling circulations in the ocean, yielding colder ocean surface temperatures and additional nutrients for biological growth. The synergy of all these measurements makes the wind fields more valuable to science. Careful coordination of satellite research missions and ocean field programs (as in, for example, the World Ocean Circulation Experiment) were(More)
This paper examines the determinants of FDI from U.S. and Japan in China using the provincial data set from 1991 to 1997. The results of the regression analyses are further compared to those of the aggregated FDI as a benchmark case. The study found various similarities and differences in the importance and the magnitudes of the determinants of FDI among(More)
Theories of market failures and targeting motivate the promotion of entrepreneurship training programs, and generate testable predictions regarding heterogeneous treatment effects from such programs. Using a large randomized evaluation in the United States, we find no strong effects on those most likely to face credit or human capital constraints, or labor(More)