Sanping Jiang

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The effects of a PPO-PEO-PPO triblock copolymer (25R4, PO(19)-EO(33)-PO(19)) on thermoreversible micellization and gelation properties of a PEO-PPO-PEO triblock copolymer (F108, EO(133)-PO(50)-EO(133)) in water were studied by means of micro-DSC and rheology. A complete, mirror-image like thermoreversible behavior has been observed for all of the samples(More)
We report the controlled synthesis of dendritic Au@Pt core-shell nanomaterials. The size and morphology of the Au cores and the Pt shell thickness of the Au@Pt core-shell nanostructures could be easily tuned. It was found that the directing agent and the reducing agent play critical roles in the synthesis of dendritic Au@Pt core-shell nanomaterials. For(More)
The engine inner wall surface temperature was measured by the plug blind-hole extrapolation, and multiple thermocouples were installed at different depths in the substrate. The engine wall extrapolation model of transient high temperature was established according to the basic principles of heat transfer. The transient temperatures were measured by(More)
The synthesis of mesoporous carbon nanospheres (MCNs), especially with diameters below 200 nm remains a great challenge due to weak interactions between the carbon precursors and soft templates, as well as the uncontrollable cross-linking rate of carbon precursors. Herein, we demonstrate a simple acid-assisted, hydrothermal synthesis approach to(More)
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