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The present cephalometric study aimed to describe the antero-posterior diameters of the pharyngeal airway in a sample of 50 male obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) patients and a reference sample of 103 male students, and to examine the relationship between these diameters and the posture of the head and the cervical column. Subjects were recorded in the(More)
The associations between dimensions of the first cervical vertebra, atlas, and a representative set of craniofacial and postural variables were studied on cephalometric radiographs of a sample of 103 adult males aged 22-30 years, recorded in the natural head position (mirror position). Atlas morphology was expressed by nine variables, linear and angular(More)
BACKGROUND Neutralizing antibodies toward FVIII replacement therapy (inhibitors) are the most serious treatment-related complication in hemophilia A (HA). A rat model of severe HA (F8(-/-) ) has recently been developed, but an immunological characterization is needed to determine the value of using the model for research into inhibitor development. (More)
Fifteen patients (20-49 years of age) with mania or acute psychosis were treated with zuclopenthixol acetate (Clopixol, Acuphase). One injection of 75-100 mg produced significant amelioration of psychotic symptoms with minimal side effects. The duration of action of the drug was found to be about 72 hours.
In haemophilia A (HA) management, antidrug antibodies, or inhibitors, are a serious complication that renders factor VIII (FVIII) replacement therapy ineffective, increases morbidity and reduces quality of life for affected patients. Inhibitor development aetiology is multifactorial and covers both genetic and therapy related risk factors. Many(More)
INTRODUCTION The most serious complication in haemophilia A (HA) replacement therapy with coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) is neutralizing antibodies, i.e. inhibitors. It has been hypothesized that danger signals generated during a bleed might have an adjuvant effect on the immune response to FVIII in on-demand treatment, increasing the inhibitor risk. AIM(More)
A prototype system for archiving and transmitting digitized dental radiographs is described. The system uses a CCD video camera, IBM compatible personal computer with a frame-grabber and a high resolution VGA monitor. All archived images were compressed lossless by a factor of about 3. Digitized radiographs were archived together with their exposure data(More)
Fifty-four patients with acute psychotic states were included in a double-blind multicentre study of zuclopenthixol and perphenazine given orally. Fourteen patients had not received test preparations for a minimum of 3 weeks as stated in the protocol, and were excluded. The remaining 40 patients received the test preparations for 3 to 12 weeks, with an(More)
Insertion of osseointegrated implants in the anterior mandibular region for retaining a removable denture represents a treatment, which is cheap for the patient and surgically uncomplicated. Bone height measures from two radiographic examinations 1) panoramic radiographs and 2) lateral tangential views, were compared. Radiographs from 20 patients were(More)
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