Sannasi Rajasekar

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74 type II diabetes mellitus patients (37 males and 37 females), were compared with 74 controls, nondiabetics. Significant dermatoglyphic changes were noted between diabetics and nondiabetics. Whorls were the predominant digital pattern noted in both hands of male as well as female diabetics. This was seconded by presence of ulnar loops. There was no(More)
BACKGROUND Movement faults are commonly observed in patients with musculoskeletal pain. The Kinetic Medial Rotation Test (KMRT) is a movement control test used to identify movement faults of the scapula and gleno-humeral joints during arm movement. Objective tests such as the KMRT need to be reliable and valid for the results to be applied across different(More)
Fascial Manipulation® (FM) is a manual therapy approach for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. Anomalous fascial tension is common following surgery due to surgical scar, inadequate mobility and fear of movement. Fascial tension may result in pain and loss of mobility. This case report aims at investigating the effectiveness of FM® on pain and function(More)
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