Sankha S. Basu

Ian A. Blair2
Stacy L. Gelhaus1
Clementina Mesaros1
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Stable isotope dilution mass spectrometry (MS) represents the gold standard for quantification of endogenously formed cellular metabolites. Although coenzyme A (CoA) and acyl-CoA thioester derivatives are central players in numerous metabolic pathways, the lack of a commercially available isotopically labeled CoA limits the development of rigorous MS-based(More)
Rotenone, an organic pesticide and potent mitochondrial complex I inhibitor, causes Parkinson-like neurodegeneration in rodents and is implicated in human Parkinson's disease. In this rapid report, rotenone induced a dose-dependent decrease in succinyl-coenzyme A (CoA) and increase in β-hydroxybutyryl-CoA in multiple human cell lines (IC(50) < 100 nM).(More)
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