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The relevant literature on machining operations selection in Computer-Aided Process Planning (CAPP) by decision trees, expert systems and neural networks has been reviewed, highlighting their contributions and shortcomings. This paper aims at contributing to the applicability of back-propagation neural network method for the selection of all possible(More)
The research work reported in this paper is aimed at developing an integrated and intelligent CAPP methodology for machined rotationally symmetrical parts. Two important aspects of process planning, namely the machining operations selection and the setup planning have been automated by this methodology. In addition, a methodology has been developed to(More)
The major problem in current day's scenario is the increasing power consumption and vastly decreasing energy resources, especially in developing countries like India. This calls for a dire need to properly monitor power usage and take necessary steps to optimize the usage. To achieve this goal, a proper system needs to be developed that can provide the(More)
With growing demands to minimize the requirement for manual intervention and improve the productivity and ensure high product quality, automated inspection has become indispensable to manufacturing facilities. The methodology described in this paper is an attempt for automating inspection in manufacturing by use of machine vision system. This is achieved by(More)
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