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Gender and Cross-Cultural Differences in Social Media Disclosures of Mental Illness
This paper focuses on a large dataset of individuals who self-disclose to have an underlying mental health concern on Twitter, and examines differences in their posts, as measured via linguistic attributes and topic models.
Measuring and Characterizing Nutritional Information of Food and Ingestion Content in Instagram
The use of Instagram is shown as a platform where sharing of moderately healthy food content is common, and such content also receives the most support from the community.
Characterizing Dietary Choices, Nutrition, and Language in Food Deserts via Social Media
A study of 3 million food related posts shared on Instagram finds that content from food deserts indicate consumption of food high in fat, cholesterol and sugar; a rate higher by 5-17% compared to non-food desert areas.
Big data and the well-being of women and girls: applications on the social scientific frontier
Conventional forms of data—household surveys, national economic accounts, institutional records, and so on—struggle to capture detailed information on the lives of women and girls. The many forms of
Audio Visual EMG & GSR Biofeedback Analysis for Effect of Spiritual Techniques on Human Behaviour and Psychic Challenges
It is amazing that today’s man, despite knowing so much about the world around him, knows so little about his own self. The more one tries to know subtle world, the more enigmatic and mysterious it
Quantifying and Understanding Gender and Cross-Cultural Differences in Mental Health Expression via Social Media
For a long time, mental illness was treated as a gender and culture-neutral problem. However recent research shows that several social and psychological characteristics are unique to women [6], and
Facial Recognition using Deep Learning
The aim in this paper is to increase the accuracy of existing facial recognition system on a comparative smaller dataset as per the requirements of present day in sensitive regions by combining more than one algorithms.
Development Of Controlled Release Mucoadhesive Buccal Patches Containing Timolol Maleate Using Natural & Synthetic Polymers
From all the prepared formulations, F6 showed good drug release characteristic, which follows desire controlled release phenomenon as needed in buccoadhesive drug delivery.