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Cancer is predominantly a somatic disease. A mutant allele present in a cancer cell genome is considered somatic when it's absent in the paired normal genome along with public SNP databases. The current build of dbSNP, the most comprehensive public SNP database, however inadequately represents several non-European Caucasian populations, posing a limitation(More)
The advanced and readily available cloud infrastructure has resulted in significantly increased offloading of data to the cloud. In fact, many users have become completely reliant on cloud service providers without regard to the safety of their data. Encryption, the foundation of data protection for reliable and secure cloud environments comes at a high(More)
BioInt, a biological programming application framework and interpreter, is an attempt to equip the researchers with seamless integration, efficient extraction and effortless analysis of the data from various biological databases and algorithms. Based on the type of biological data, algorithms and related functionalities, a biology-specific framework was(More)
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