Sankararajan Radha

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The central challenge in the design of ad-hoc networks is the development of dynamic routing protocol that efficiently finds route between mobile nodes. Several routing protocols such as DSR, AODV and DSDV have been proposed in the literature to facilitate communication in such dynamically changing network topology. In this paper, a Node Transition(More)
Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) consists of tiny sensor nodes that are capable of sensing the environment and transmit the gathered information to the monitoring site. Conventional WSN architecture has limitations in bandwidth, power and storage. In case of multimedia applications data to be handled by the network is too large, which can be reduced with help(More)
Mobile nodes in a MANET incur much overload having to forward the packets of the adjacent nodes. Each node is expected to behave within the boundaries delineated by the underlying protocol. Each node in a MANET is expected to wait for a pre specified time interval generally termed as the Back off interval. This back off interval is supposed to be chosen(More)
Detection of event is a prominent application of wireless sensor networks. In this paper, the problem of distributed detection in a wireless sensor network over multi access fading channel is considered. The detection performance of Neyman-Pearson detection scheme, which uses a constructive interference technique is analyzed for different channel(More)
Mobile Ad hoc networks are networks of mobile hosts with wireless interfaces that can dynamically form a network without the aid of any pre-existing infrastructure or centralized administration. Since the network topology changes frequently, efficient adaptive routing protocols such as AODV, DSR, and NTP are used. Security is the one of the major issue in(More)
In this paper, we propose a unanimous & distributed-intrusion detection model for mobile ad hoc networks. The MANETS are particularly vulnerable to intrusion, as they operate in the open medium and use co-operative strategies for network communications. This paper is mainly to identify the misbehaviors caused by some malicious node for reactive routing(More)
An ad-hoc network is a multi-hop wireless network where all nodes cooperatively maintain network connectivity without a centralized infrastructure. If these nodes change their positions dynamically, it is called a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET). Since the network topology changes frequently, efficient adaptive routing protocols such as AODV, DSR, and NTP are(More)
  • S. Radha
  • 2010
On behalf of the Organizing Committee I welcome you to the first International Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Computing ICWCSC 2010 held in SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, India on 02 – 04 January 2010.
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