Sankara Muthukrishnan

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We present our project to develop a software library of basic tools and data structures for string processing. Our goal is to provide an environment for testing new algorithms as well as for prototyping. The library has a natural hierarchy comprising basic objects such as the alphabet and strings, data structures to manipulate these objects, and powerful(More)
Consider the following load balancing problem. We are given a graph with arbitrary topology and an arbitrary load distribution on the nodes. In each time step, a node can send any amount of load to each neighbor in parallel. This problem is a simple formalization of dynamic load balancing problems arising in various applications on parallel and distributed(More)
Bluetooth is presently the object of much hype by the consortium of large corporate organizations. Bluetooth is developed for local small area networking. It is a technology for replacing the mess of wires that interconnect the electronic gadgets that are widely used. More than a cable replacement technology, it is expected to make a huge impact in ad hoc(More)
How does one deal with massive data sets that is available for analyses? We will describe the classical data stream model in which we make one pass over the data and with sublinear resources perform much of the data analyses we care about, such as frequent items, summaries, compressed sensing, clustering and others. We will present the basic algorithmic(More)
In the recent years, with an increase in the awareness of internet usage, there has been an explosion of data on the web. Huge amount of data resides on the web and of late there has been an increased necessity for search engines that retrieve documents and images, at least close to the search criteria if not exactly. The problem of retrieving near(More)
Though it is known that clos interconnection networks have many advantages over the other interconnection networks, it would be interesting to see the performance benefits that clos networks can bring to the real world applications. In this paper, we compare the performance of Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) in clos networks with that of in mesh networks, a(More)
We consider a switch module routing problem for symmetric array FPGAs. The work is motivated by two applications. The rst is that of eeciently evaluating switch module designs 9]. The second is that of evaluating the routability of global routing paths for a placement on this architecture. Only an approximate algorithm was previously known for this problem.(More)
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