Sankar Virdhagriswaran

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s Agent technology is being explored as the basis of a whole new generation of information systems. Efforts based on agent technology range from building massively distributed information systems (over the Internet and WWW) to building mobile information systems, intelligent workflow systems, and agile corporation information infrastructure. Because agent(More)
Collaborative enterprises, such as the development of complex software systems or web sites, are vulnerable to accidental conflicts between participants' activities. They face the twin threats of information loss, where one person accidentally erases or overwrites an-other's work, and inconsistency, where one person alters the context of another's work so(More)
We describe a data mining system to detect frauds that are camouflaged to look like normal activities in domains with high number of known relationships. Examples include accounting fraud detection for rating and investment, insider attacks on corporate networks, and health care insurance fraud. Our goal is to help analysts who are overwhelmed with(More)
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