Sankar Rela

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Human visual-evoked potentials (VEPs) from upper and lower hemifield stimulation are thought to reflect the anatomical and functional differences between the hemiretinas and corresponding visual pathways. Conflicting results have, however, been reported in topographic studies on the putative cortical generators. We have estimated by automatic perimetry(More)
Finding frequent itemsets is one of the most important fields of data mining. Apriori algorithm is the most established algorithm for finding frequent itemsets from a transactional dataset; however, it needs to scan the dataset many times and to generate many candidate itemsets. Unfortunately, when the dataset size is huge, both memory use and computational(More)
The flash induced electroretinogram (ERG) and early receptor potential (ERP) were recorded in a population of patients with definite diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa in the context of a study protocol including a complete diagnostic screening. ERPs were evoked by full-field 20-joule stimuli (5 stimuli at 10 min of interval in dark adaptation); recording(More)
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