Sankar Kumar Roy

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In this paper the entropy function of the matrix game has been considered as one of the objectives and formulate a new game model, named Entropy Matrix Goal Game Model. Non-linear programming model for each player has been established. The equilibrium condition on matrix game is based on expected pay-off, so this equilibrium condition might be violated by(More)
This paper studies the distributive lattice under the rough set environment and thereby forms a concept of rough distributive lattice. We have discussed the properties of lattice theory in the approximation space and defined rough lattice, rough sublattice and complete rough lattice. We have defined approximation space by using an equivalence relation and(More)
This paper analyzes the multicriteria bimatrix goal game under the light of entropy environment. In this approach, the entropy functions of the players are considered as objectives to the bimatrix game. The solution concepts behind this game are based on getting the probability to achieve some specified goals by determining G-goal security strategies(More)
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