Sankar Kumar Roy

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In this chapter, the authors propose a new approach to analyze the Solid Transportation Problem (STP). This new approach considers the multi-choice programming into the cost coefficients of objective function and stochastic programming, which is incorporated in three constraints, namely sources, destinations, and capacities constraints, followed by Cauchy's(More)
In this paper the entropy function of the matrix game has been considered as one of the objectives and formulate a new game model, named Entropy Matrix Goal Game Model. Non-linear programming model for each player has been established. The equilibrium condition on matrix game is based on expected pay-off, so this equilibrium condition might be violated by(More)
This paper analyzes a multicriteria matrix goal game under entropy environment. Here a new game model known as multicriteria entropy matrix goal Game is formulated. Multiobjective non-linear programming model for each player is established. The concept of Pareto-optimal security strategy assures the property of security in the individual criteria against an(More)
This paper analyzes the multicriteria bimatrix goal game under the light of entropy environment. In this approach, the entropy functions of the players are considered as objectives to the bimatrix game. The solution concepts behind this game are based on getting the probability to achieve some specified goals by determining G-goal security strategies(More)
This paper presents an application to the multi-objective stochastic transportation problem in fuzzy environment. In this paper, we focus on our attention to multi-objective stochastic transportation problem involving an inequality type of constraints in which all parameters (supply and demand) are log-normal random variable and the objectives are(More)
Here, we propose a mathematical model to analyze bimatrix game under entropy environment. In this new approach, the entropy function for each player are considered as objectives to the bimatrix game. This formulated model is named as Entropy Bimatrix Game Model which is a multi-objective non linear problem. To solve this kind of model, we have introduced a(More)
A stochastic transportation problem is considered here on which exponential distribution is used to all constraints containing parameters like supply and demand and cost coefficients of objective function have multi-choice. The proposed multi-choice stochastic transportation problem is transferred to an equivalent deterministic model. A new transformation(More)