Sanka Ganesan

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This paper reviews the possible causes and effects for no-fault-found observations and intermittent failures in electronic products and summarizes them into cause and effect diagrams. Several types of intermittent hardware failures of electronic assemblies are investigated, and their characteristics and mechanisms are explored. One solder joint intermittent(More)
Extended Mars missions will require vehicles to survive a large number of extended temperature cycles. To address this issue for electronics, previous strategies have been to locate critical electronics in a " warm electronics box " where thermal management is more easily maintained. However, that strategy limits number and location of electronics. An(More)
This study investigates the effects of printed circuit board (PCB) material on interconnect durability of lead free assemblies. The assemblies involve soldering various packages (array and peripheral) on to FR4, high glass transition temperature (T g) FR4 and Polyimide (PI) printed circuit boards using Sn3Ag0.5Cu solder alloy. The glass transition(More)
Life consumption monitoring is a method to assess product's reliability based on its remaining life in a given life cycle environment. The life consumption monitoring process involves continuous or periodic measurement, sensing, recording, and interpretation of physical parameters associated with a system's life cycle environment to quantify the amount of(More)
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