Sanjukta Mukherjee

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A novel family of betulinic acid analogues, carrying a triazole unit at C-3 attached through a linker, was synthesized by the application of azide-alkyne "Click reaction". These were screened for their anticancer activity against different cancer cells and normal human PBMC by MTT assay. Compound 2c(More)
A facile and efficient method for the synthesis of (E)-2-arylmethylidene-N-tosylindolines and (E)-2-arylmethylidene-N-tosyl/nosyltetrahydroquinoline variants has been developed through palladium-catalyzed cyclocondensation of aryl iodides with readily available 1-(2-tosylaminophenyl)prop-2-yn-1-ols and their higher homologues, respectively. The proposed(More)
We report a general and facile method that provides rapid entry into 3-aryl substituted 4,5,6,7-tetrahydro[1,2,3]triazolo[1,5-a]pyrazines and their ring fused analogues in one-pot under palladium-copper catalysis. The methodology utilises simple and easily available substrates of broad range. The applicability of this reaction for the synthesis of optically(More)
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