Sanjukta Mukherjee

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We are especially thankful for the contribution of the following individuals in the preparation of this report. Sergio de la Vega of PROGRESA who helped us immensely with the evaluation of the selection of localities and the preparation of Appendix B; and Humberto Soto of PROGRESA who prepared a number of the tables presented in the various Appendices of(More)
  • Kenneth R Simler, Sanjukta Mukherjee, Gabriel L Dava, Gaurav Datt, Mozambique, Kenneth R
  • 2004
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FCND Discussion Papers contain preliminary material and research results, and are circulated prior to a full peer review in order to stimulate discussion and critical comment. It is expected that most Discussion Papers will eventually be published in some other form, and that their content may also be revised. ABSTRACT This report presents an analysis of(More)
A newly designed cyclic bis-naphthyridine carbamate dimer CMBL4: with a limited conformational flexibility was synthesized and characterized. Absorption spectra revealed that two naphthyridines in CMBL4: were stacked on each other in aqueous solutions. The most efficient binding of CMBL4: to DNA was observed for the sequence 5'-T-3'/5'-GG-3' (T/GG) with the(More)
Fat activism and collective accountability: from virtual community to embodied coalition" (2015). The paper examines the " fat body " in the United States, and the fat acceptance grassroots community and fat activist resistance, as they exist on the social media site Tumblr. Blending feminist ethnographic fieldwork with post-structuralist and intersectional(More)
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