Sanjukta Das

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Social networking websites have become very popular with Internet users as one of the latest forms of online communication tools. Blogs, recurrently updated web pages with a series of archived postings in social network websites have been discussed as a useful information sharing platform for knowledge management in a collaborative work environment.(More)
The gender difference in OCD was studied in 52 patients attending the psychiatric OPD and it was found that 35 (67.30%) patients were males compared to 17 (32.70%) females, which constituted 0.72 % and 1.03% of the male and female patients attending the OPD during the study period, respectively. Hence, inspite of the male preponderance in the study sample,(More)
Cereal Chem. 86(5):492–498 Amylose content is a parameter that correlates with the cooking behavior of rice. It is measured at the earliest possible stages of rice improvement programs to enable breeders to build the foundations of appropriate grain quality during cultivar development. Amylose is usually quantified by absorbance of the amylose-iodine(More)
OsMADS1 controls rice (Oryza sativa) floral fate and organ development. Yet, its genome-wide targets and the mechanisms underlying its role as a transcription regulator controlling developmental gene expression are unknown. We identify 3112 gene-associated OsMADS1-bound sites in the floret genome. These occur in the vicinity of transcription start sites,(More)