Sanjoy Kumar Paul

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A critical risk to the continued success of antifungal chemotherapy is the acquisition of resistance; a risk exacerbated by the few classes of effective antifungal drugs. Predictably, as the use of these drugs increases in the clinic, more resistant organisms can be isolated from patients. A particularly problematic form of drug resistance that routinely(More)
This paper develops an artificial neural network (ANN) model to forecast the optimum level of raw materials inventory as a function of product demand, manufacturing lead-time, supplier reliability, material holding cost, and material cost. The model selects a feed-forward back-propagation ANN with twelve hidden neurons as the optimum network. We test the(More)
This paper addresses the Hybrid Flow Shop (HFS) scheduling problems to minimize the total work-in-process inventory. Job scheduling problems are one of the oldest and real world combinational optimization problems. It is multi objective and complex in nature. There exist some criteria that must be taken into consideration when evaluating the quality of the(More)
Successful treatment of aspergillosis caused by Aspergillus fumigatus is threatened by an increasing incidence of drug resistance. This situation is further complicated by the finding that strains resistant to azoles, the major antifungal drugs for aspergillosis, have been widely disseminated across the globe. To elucidate mechanisms underlying azole(More)