Sanjoy K. Saha

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The microflow and stirring around paramagnetic particle microchains, referred to as microrotors, are modeled as a circular cylinder rotating about its radial axis at very low Reynolds number. Time scales for momentum transfer under these conditions are determined to be much smaller than those for boundary movement, hence a quasi-steady approximation can be(More)
Two trypsin inhibitors, LA-1 and LA-2, have been isolated from ridged gourd (Luffa acutangula Linn.) seeds and purified to homogeneity by gel filtration followed by ion-exchange chromatography. The isoelectric point is at pH 4.55 for LA-1 and at pH 5.85 for LA-2. The Stokes radius of each inhibitor is 11.4 A. The fluorescence emission spectrum of each(More)
Comparative analyses of codon/amino acid usage in Leishmania major, Trypanosoma brucei and Trypanosoma cruzi reveal that gene expressivity and GC-bias play key roles in shaping the gene composition of all three parasites, and protein composition of L. major only. In T. brucei and T. cruzi, the major contributors to the variation in protein composition are(More)
The Firmicutes often possess three conspicuous genome features: marked Purine Asymmetry (PAS) across two strands of replication, Strand-biased Gene Distribution (SGD) and presence of two isoforms of DNA polymerase III alpha subunit, PolC and DnaE. Despite considerable research efforts, it is not clear whether the co-existence of PAS, PolC and/or SGD is an(More)
Twenty-three newly synthesized mixed-ligand complexes of oxo-vanadium(IV) and oxo-vanadium(V) were studied for antimicrobial activity. Eight of these complexes were found to have microbicidal properties. The complexes [NH4][VO(gl)2H2O (gl-H2=glycolic acid) and [VO(ACOAP)(acac-H)]H2O (ACOAP-H2=Schiff base of acetylacetone and orthoaminophenol,(More)
A strong purine asymmetry, along with strand-biased gene distribution and the presence of PolC, prevails in Bacillus and some other members of Firmicutes, Fusobacteria and Tenericutes. The analysis of protein features in 21 Bacillus species of diverse metabolic, virulence and ecological traits revealed that purine asymmetry in conjunction with lineage/niche(More)
Paramagnetic microsphere suspensions placed in a rotating magnetic field aggregate to form rotating magnetic chains. These chains that are several tens of micrometers in length act as microrotors, and can be modeled as circular cylinders. The flow and associated micromixing around these cylinders rotating about their radial axis is studied for a very low(More)
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