Sanjoy K. Saha

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This work presents a novel method for fault detection of electrical motors using vibration signal. Most of the motor faults generate specific patterns in the motor vibration that can be captured and analyzed for diagnosis. Early detection of motor faults can save the motor from subsequent deteriorations into more severe conditions, and thus can save lot of(More)
Paramagnetic microsphere suspensions placed in a rotating magnetic field aggregate to form rotating magnetic chains. These chains that are several tens of micrometers in length act as microrotors, and can be modeled as circular cylinders. The flow and associated micromixing around these cylinders rotating about their radial axis is studied for a very low(More)
I hereby declare that this thesis contains literature survey and original research work by the undersigned candidate, as part of his MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATION studies. All information in this document have been obtained and presented in accordance with academic rules and ethical conduct. I also declare that, as required by these rules and conduct, I(More)
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