Sanjoy K Chanda

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As an adaptive mechanism, hypocotyl dormancy delays emergence of functional leaf until favorable season of growth in Podophyllum hexandrum, an endangered medicinal plant of the western Himalayas. However, upon exposure of the freshly germinated seedlings to favorable temperature (25°C), functional leaves emerged within 20 days. Therefore, we examined(More)
The application of betaine, a quaternary ammonium compound influenced the micropropagation in two commercially important UPASI (U-9 and U-10) cultivars of tea. Growth and multiplication of shoots of both the cultivars was enhanced significantly in the presence of 125–1,000 mg l−1 betaine with best response at 1,000 mg l−1 betaine. The shoots turned brown(More)
The male of Chaetanaphothrips kiyosumianus Kudô is diagnosed for the first time along with the first record of this species from India. Molecular data of mitochondrial cytochrome <span style="text-decoration: underline;">c oxidase (mtCOI) from specimens of this species are also generated as additional data for future studies.
The endangered Himalayan plant Podophyllum hexandrum syn. P. emodi is inherently slow growing. The plants exhibit delayed emergence of functional leaves or hypocotyl dormancy. However, on GA3 treatment the functional leaves were found to emerge at a favorable temperature of 25°C in a higher percentage of seedlings and in a shorter time. Functional leaves(More)
The method is the first successful report of Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation of the commercially important bamboo, Dendrocalamus hamiltonii. It shows how the resistance provided by the somatic embryos of this woody monocot can be overcome using a simple and effective method. The method thus standardized can be also used for the genetic(More)
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