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One of the major difficulties of explicit parallel programming for a shared memory machine model is detecting the potential for nondeterminacy and identifying its causes. There will often be shared variables in a parallel program, and the tasks comprising the program may need to be synchronized when accessing these variables. This paper discusses this(More)
Methods and tools for detecting nondeterminacy in programs for shared-memory multiprocessors are discussed. The approach described divides the debugging chore into two phases. The first phase uses tools that automatically detect nondeterminacy to debug synchronization errors, assuming it is decided at the outset to make the parallel program determinate. At(More)
— Shared-memory parallel programs are often designed to be deterministic, both in their final results and intermediate states. However, debugging such programs requires a mechanism for locating race conditions or violations of the intended determinacy when they occur. This paper answers a previously open question by presenting the first precise, efficient(More)
Parallel programs are signiicantly diierent from sequential programs in the sense that they can exhibit timing-dependent behaviour. The same program with the same input data can produce diierent results on diierent executions. This is unacceptable for a large number of programs. The main focus of this thesis is techniques to automatically detect such(More)
Neural network and genetic algorithm with altered genetic operators have been implemented into bioprocess field to improve the modelling approach. Enzyme streptokinase is secreted by β-hemolytic streptococcus sp. often used to treat acute myocardial infarction, being a vital drug it is required to be produced in recombinant form for thrombolytic(More)
Optimization of the fermentation conditions for chitin deacetylase (CDA) production by Penicillium oxalicum SAEM-51 was undertaken in the present study using central composite design (CCD) under submerged condition. CDA is widely employed for bio-catalytic conversion of chitin to chitosan. Chitosan is a biopolymer with immense commercial potential in(More)
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