Sanjoy Chowdhury

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Diurnal cycle of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters was done in Colocasia esculenta L. (swamp taro) grown in marshy land under sun or under shade. The sun leaves maintained higher electron transport rate (ETR) and steady state to initial fluorescence ratio (Fs/F0) than shade leaves. In spite of lower ETR, higher photochemical quenching (PQ), and effective(More)
BACKGROUND Changing profile of work force can give rise different types of injuries. PURPOSE To analyse causative factors (Host-Agent-Event) in ocular trauma over last 15 years. METHODS Hospital based prospective study during 1997-2012. Detailed information on nature of trauma; agent and setting were recorded. RESULTS Cohort included 12365 eye(More)
This paper proposes an emulated model of an academic networking testbed by using SDN. This emulated model consists of switching and routing topologies and has been tested to be successfully working for layer (data link) two and layer three functionality. The increasing prices of the every new generation of networking hardware puts budgetary challenges to(More)
Migraine is a paroxysmal disorder with accompanying neurological phenomenon. Oculomotor dysfunction is one of them. A prospective study was done to investigate the prevalence and features of oculomotor dysfunction in migraineurs. A questionnaire based on “International headache society” criteria were distributed among the persons coming with chief(More)
We produced an axial and canonical optical vortex by using a computer-generated hologram and then converted it to a noncanonical vortex by passing it through a cylindrical lens. We conducted an experimental study of the shape and trajectory of the noncanonical vortex as it propagates in free space and obtained an analytical expression explaining our(More)
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