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This work considers numerical simulations of supersonic flows when shock/turbulent boundary layer interaction occurs. Such flows reveal the existence of complex mechanisms , which need to be carefully investigated for efficient design of propulsion systems. In this study, large-eddy simulation is used to investigate unsteady mechanisms. Since a(More)
Electrokinetic flow instabilities occur under high electric fields in the presence of electrical conductivity gradients. Such instabilities are a key factor limiting the robust performance of complex electrokinetic bio-analytical systems, but can also be exploited for rapid mixing and flow control for microscale devices. This paper reports a representative(More)
This study examines the 20-year impacts of emissions from all commercial aircraft flights worldwide on climate, cloudiness, and atmospheric composition. Aircraft emissions from each individual flight worldwide were modeled to evolve from the subgrid to grid scale with the global model described and evaluated in Part I of this study. Simulations with and(More)