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This work considers numerical simulations of supersonic flows when shock/turbulent boundary layer interaction occurs. Such flows reveal the existence of complex mechanisms , which need to be carefully investigated for efficient design of propulsion systems. In this study, large-eddy simulation is used to investigate unsteady mechanisms. Since a(More)
Electrokinetic flow instabilities occur under high electric fields in the presence of electrical conductivity gradients. Such instabilities are a key factor limiting the robust performance of complex electrokinetic bio-analytical systems, but can also be exploited for rapid mixing and flow control for microscale devices. This paper reports a representative(More)
This article provides a critical review of computational techniques for flow-noise prediction and the underlying theories. Hybrid approaches, in which the turbulent noise source field is computed and/or modeled separately from the far-field calculation , are afforded particular attention. Numerical methods and modern flow simulation techniques are discussed(More)