Sanjiv Saxena

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Prabhu N. Saxena2
Asha Jain2
Audhesh K. Rai2
2Prabhu N. Saxena
2Asha Jain
2Audhesh K. Rai
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A number of penta- and hexacoordinated organotin(IV) complexes and tetracoordinated tin(II) complexes of compositions Me2SnCl[RCOC:CON(C6H5)N:CCH3] (where R = - CH(3), -p-ClC(6)H(4), and -C(6)H(5)), Me2Sn[RCOC:CON(C6H5)N:CCH3]2 (where R = -CH(3), and -C(6)H(5)), and Sn(II) [RCOC:CON(C6H5)N:CCH3]2 (where R = -p-ClC(6)H(4) and -C(6)H(5)) were screened for(More)
Some organotin(IV) and tin(II) complexes of composition R(3)Sn[R'COC:CON(C(6)H(5))N:CCH(3)] (where R=C(4)H(9), R'=CH(3), C(3)H(5), p-ClC(6)H(4); R=C(6)H(5), R'=C(6)H(5) and p-ClC(6)H(4)) and Sn[p-ClC(6)H(4)COC:CON(C(6)H(5))N:CCH(3)](2) were screened for their toxicity against Aedes aegypti larvae. Organotin(IV) complexes were more active than tin(II)(More)
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