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  • S Grover
  • 2003
INTRODUCTION Clinical and mycological features of onychomycosis show variation with time and place. MATERIAL AND METHODS A study to analyze the morphological variants and mycological isolates of onychomycosis was carried out in 50 patients attending the dermatology out-patient departments at the Air Force Hospitals at Bangalore and at Jorhat. Nail(More)
Pemphigus is a dreaded disease encountered not infrequently in dermatology settings. While scoring systems in various dermatological conditions exist, objective parameters for assessing disease activity and therapeutic responses in pemphigus are not uniform and foolproof. This article presents various scoring systems in pemphigus.
A clinico-mycological study of superficial mycoses was conducted on 121 cases (98 males and 23 females). Direct microscopy by KOH mount and culture was undertaken to isolate the fungal pathogen in each case. The commonest age group involved was 21-30 years (39.6%). Dermatophytosis was the commonest clinical presentation (70.5%), followed by candidiasis(More)
A retrospective data analysis was carried out to find the trends in frequency and distribution of different STDs in North Eastern (NE) India during 1995-1999. The commonest STD was chancroid (25.7%) followed by condylomata acuminata (CA), nongonococcal urethritis (NGU), lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV), syphilis, gonorrhoea (GONO), herpes genitalis (HG),(More)
Idiopathic eruptive macular pigmentation (IEMP) is a rather under-reported condition of unknown etiology. Clinically consisting of benign hyperpigmented macules, the condition is characterized histopathologically by dermal melanization. It must be differentiated from lichen planus pigmentosus, erythema dyschromicum perstans, fixed drug eruption and(More)
  • Sanjiv Grover
  • 2011
The aerospace environment is a dynamic interaction between man, machine and the environment. Skin diseases are not particularly significant aeromedically, yet they could permanently affect an aviator's status for continued flying duty. A number of dermatological conditions lend themselves to flying restrictions for the aviator. Aircrew and ground crew are(More)
Even though dermatophytes, especially Trichophyton rubrum, are most frequently implicated as the causative agents in onychomycosis, yeasts and moulds are increasingly recognised as causative pathogens. A study to analyse the morphological variants and mycological and cultural positivity of onychomycosis was carried out in 35 patients attending the(More)
Even though pityriasis alba is commonly encountered in dermatological practice, there is paucity of Indian studies on the subject. A clinico epidermiological study was carried out in 200 patients attending the skin department of Command Hospital, Air Force, Bangalore. Atopic background was detected in 85.5% of cases. Bacterial and fungal culture studies(More)