Sanjiv C Nair

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Vascular anomalies are amongst the most common congenital abnormalities observed in infants and children. Their occurrence in the head and neck region is a source of functional and aesthetic compromise. This article reviews the surgical management of 115 cases of vascular anomalies involving the head and neck area treated by the authors between 1998 and(More)
PURPOSE To review retrospectively the benefits of using mandibulotomy as an access for tumors involving the maxilla and infratemporal fossa. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-four consecutive patients with tumors involving the maxilla and infratemporal fossa underwent maxillectomy through mandibular access osteotomy. Patient details and postoperative follow-up(More)
Salivary fistula after a traumatic injury in the buccal region is not common. It is most commonly encountered in injuries involving the pre auricular region or soft tissues along the course of the parotid duct. It is more frequent in the parotid because its anatomical location is superficial; traumatic salivary fistulae of the other two major salivary(More)
Bisphosphonate chemotherapy is commonly used in the treatment of bone diseases such as osteoporosis, Paget disease, and multiple myeloma and to limit bone pain and hypercalcemia associated with malignant metastatic bone lesions. The introduction of bisphosphonate therapy has improved the quality of life in a vast majority of patients. However, since 2003 a(More)
PURPOSE To study a series of cases where vascularised fibula flap was used in various combinations of bone with muscle and skin along with its modifications for reconstruction of simple and composite defects of the facial region. PATIENTS AND METHODS The investigators designed a retrospective study composed of patients with any pathology or defect who(More)
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